New Breed Of Poodle Cats Are So Fluffy You’ll Explode With Cuteness When You See Them

At first, I thought these photos were fake or photoshopped, but they’re actually real! Poodle cats might seem like something from a novel, but they’re not at all, in fact, they’re actually not as rare as I thought after doing some quick searching on the internet.

These adorable kitties are actually a breed called the Selkirk Rex and they even date back to 1987.  I never had ever thought that such adorable little furballs could ever exist, but these cats are nothing like you’ve ever seen below!

These cats have some seriously adorable fur and it’s enough to make you explode from cuteness – they’re just priceless!

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They even come in mini-kitten sizes too – they might look different, but they’re just as lovable and just as CUTE!!

These sweet cats act and behave JUST like normal house cats, but their fur is curly and totally different than any other cat you would ever see!

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