Tiny Two-Toed Handicapped Kitten Struggles To Live, But His Owner Never Gave Up On Him

This tiny little kitten had a rough struggle, but thankfully Justina Strumilaite never gave up on him after she adopted him. The kind women named him Brownie after adopting him from a shelter.

The poor kitten was born very handicapped and had a rough start at life. The poor kitten had only two toes on his right paw and was the weakest and smallest of his litter – he got so weak he even refused to eat!

Most people gave up hope and assumed that poor brownie would just die, but instead of giving up Justina never gave up hope and what happened is a miracle!

Justina just hated the thought of giving up on little Brownie so she kept loving on him and helped nourish him with quality food and gave him all the snuggles and love she could muster!

After some time, her love started to make a difference and Brownie started perking up and gaining more weight.  Against all odds, Brownie even began to get playful again and kept getting bigger and fluffier!

Justina just knew that Brownie would make it – against the opinions of others she never gave up and helped make a lifetime of a difference in little Brownies life.  The tiny motionless kitten ended up turning into an active and playful kitty cat!

Brownie follows his owner Justina who never gave up on him and even comes anytime he is called. Justina had so much love for little Brownie that you can’t help but realize it’s a miracle.

Brownie however changed in more ways than one – his original state of helplessness because of his handicapped physical state turned into a state of overcoming as he pawed his way out of the sadness and being ‘different’ – now he can walk just like any other cat and he doesn’t see his differences as a stumbling block – instead it’s a sign that he can make it through anything as a little furry hero!

If you see Brownie today, he’s fluffier than ever, but more than that, he’s happier than ever and that’s what really counts. It took lots of love and kindness, but years later you can just feel the love he has for his owner.

True kindness always makes a difference and when you see it in Brownie’s eyes, you know there had to be a hero behind it.  A special thank you to Justina, the kind women who wouldn’t give up on him against all odds!

Brownie has turned into something amazing – Brownie is such a beautiful cat – there’s no disability to difficult when you have someone loving you like Brownie’s owner did for him — SHARE this story with your friends and family if you enjoyed it!

(credit H/T weloveanimals)

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